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Inquirer Report Card On The Schools 2006

The Philadelphia Inquirer

School Districts

Information about public school districts is based largely on responses to a survey sent to superintendents last fall by The Inquirer to superintendents last fall by The Inquirer. Most data are for 2005-06. Some information was provided by the Departments of Education in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. All numbers have been rounded to the nearest whole number.
NR (Not Reported). Used when a district did not provide data.
NA (Not Applicable). Used when the information does not apply to the district.
Special education and gifted. The percentage of students enrolled in special education or "gifted and talented" programs.
Percent attending private schools. Estimated percentage of school-age children in the district who are enrolled in nonpublic schools.
Total spending per student. (Pennsylvania only.) The number represents a district’s 2005-06 budgeted expenditures divided by enrollment. Quintiles were calculated for districts in the five Pennsylvania counties.
Teachers. Number of classroom teachers.
Teacher salaries. Pennsylvania beginning salaries for 2005-06 were provided by the districts. New Jersey salary distributions are based on The Inquirer’s analysis of state classroom teacher data for 2004-05.
Editor’s note: Some districts in Burlington County did not respond to the survey despite several requests: Beverly City, New Hanover, Pemberton Borough, Pinelands Regional, Washington Township, Willingboro and Woodland. For those districts, any information was taken from state data.