Blackhawk Down
Analysis: How a relief mission ended in a firefight
Background: A defining battle leaves lasting scars

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    Somalia: A Nation in Name Only
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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Hail Mary, then doom

    Chapter 2: Dazed, blood-spattered and frantic

    Chapter 3: A terrifying scene, then a big crash

    Chapter 4: An outgunned but relentless enemy

    Chapter 5: 'My God, you guys. Look at this!'

    Chapter 6: Trying to get in sync amid the chaos

    Chapter 7: Another grenade, another chopper hit

    Chapter 8: A second crash, and no escape

    Chapter 9: Alone and at the mercy of an angry mob

    Chapter 10: At the base, bravery and hesitation

    Chapter 11: Besieged, disoriented as the bullets fly

    Chapter 12: Left, right, left - lost and bloody

    Chapter 13: No cover from the flying grenades

    Chapter 14: Hammered, and still no sign of help

    Chapter 15: Ambush after ambush; Fighting just to stay alive

    Chapter 16: Furious attacks on a second convoy

    Chapter 17: At first helicopter crash, more bodies

    Chapter 18: Rescue team comes under fierce fire

    Chapter 19: A desperate battle to hold the crash site

    Chapter 20: Uneasy partners under heavy fire

    Chapter 21: A shared quest: Punish the invaders

    Chapter 22: A Ranger's plea for help as the body count climbs

    Chapter 23: As darkness nears, a dreaded feeling

    Chapter 24: Disarray in command, and trapped

    Chapter 25: Besieged, disoriented as bullets fly

    Chapter 26: At rescue, relief tinged with sorrow

    Chapter 27: Durant's ordeal of agony and terror

    Chapter 28: On TV, the battered face of Durant

    Chapter 29: The final chapter: Freeing a pilot, ending a mission

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