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Student Voices/Campaign '99

What is Student Voices?
It is a citywide effort to get young people involved in the 1999 Philadelphia Mayoral Campaign and discussing the issues facing the city. The project, directed by Dr. Phyllis Kaniss, is a joint effort of the Annenberg Public Policy Center and Philly.com, the Web site of the Inquirer and the Daily News.

Why Do It?
The project is aimed at getting young people turned on to politics and to the importance of voting and becoming informed citizens. Teens will be deciding which public issues concern them and asking the candidates for mayor about those concerns.

Who is Participating?
High school students from public, private, and parochial schools throughout the city are participating in Student Voices for the Fall general election campaign. For the full list of participating schools, see The Students.

What Will the Students Do?
The students in each class will carry out research to determine what they think are they major issues facing the city, conducting surveys, interviewing family and community members, analyzing statistics from databases about the city, and searching through past news coverage. They will also be studying what each candidate is saying about the issues, and evaluating the tenor of campaign dialogue.

Will They Use the Web?
Yes. Students will be looking at candidate web pages, online newspapers, and electronic news archives for the project. They will also be holding online discussions about the campaign through a moderated chat room set up by Philadelphia Online. Some students will be creating their own web sites about the campaign.

What Have They Done So Far?
Student Voices was busy in the spring semester. Check out the Candidates' answers to student questions to hear what Sam Katz and John Street had to say in response to the student. Also check out these Student Voices websites: Germantown's Student Voices Web Site, and Roxborough's Student Voices Web Site.

This site was developed as part of the Annenberg Public Policy Center's Citizen Voices in City Schools project, to increase the civic engagement of young people.
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