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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call for technical support or training?
Contact Edison from Monday through Thursday, 1:15 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Call (215) 227-0600 for hardware problems and (215) 306-6032 for training.

What will training entail?
During your training session, you will:
  1. be given a tour of the Citizen Voices web site
  2. register your class to use the bulletin board and post a test comment
  3. conduct a search in the Newslibrary
  4. send an e-mail

How do I use the bulletin board?
To use the bulletin board, first you must set up an account. On the opening page, click "new users." Fill out the required fields on the form and click "create." If you do not have your own e-mail address, use your teacher's or class' e-mail address. When you have finished, you will be taken to the board. Click on a topic to read the message. If you wish to comment, choose "reply to message" or "post new message."

What is the user name and password for the Newslibrary?
The user name and password were assigned to teachers at the initial workshop for the Student Voices project. If you need a password, contact Phyllis Kaniss at (215) 898-5233.

How do you search the Newslibrary?
Use key words that you expect to appear in the article. Choose dates to limit your search. For more searching tips, try the help file.

Where can I find the latest news on the mayoral campaign?
For articles from the current week, check out the Student Voices front page or click on News Update for the campaign news archives.

Where are the candidates' Web sites?
Go to The Candidates for links to candidate sites and profiles.

What schools are involved in this project?
Check out The Students for a list of participating schools and links to their profiles or web sites.

Where can I find more background information on the Student Voices project?
Click on About this Project to learn more about Student Voices. For details on the expected reports and results of this project city-wide, contact Phyllis Kaniss at (215) 898-5233.

How can my class send suggestions for this Web site?
Send suggestions to community@phillynews.com. If you have ideas for the "Cast your vote!" poll topic, you can also post them on the bulletin board.

This site was developed as part of the Annenberg Public Policy Center's Citizen Voices in City Schools project, to increase the civic engagement of young people.
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