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Daily News Coverage of the Mayor's Race

Updated November 3, 1999

Street by whisker(11/03/99)
John Street, struggling to hold the Democratic Party's nearly half-century grip on City Hall, swept the city's black neighborhoods and ran surprisingly well with blue-collar whites to win Philadelphia's closest mayoral election in several generations, narrowly beating Republican Sam Katz.

Election was the easy job (11/03/99)
If you thought the mayoral election provided a lot of fireworks, just wait until John Street's first year in City Hall.

Street's plate is overflowing(11/03/99)
No honeymoon. That's the stark reality Democrat John F. Street will face when he's sworn in as Philadelphia's 128th mayor on Jan. 3.

What it will take for either to win the election(11/02/99)
The election appears close and every vote counts. Here are keys to victory for both sides.

Time for a decision (11/02/99)
The last two runners on the track in the most grueling - and expensive - marathon in Philadelphia political history still had enough steam to sprint neck-and-neck to the finish line yesterday

Party and race(11/01/99)
This is when we pay particular attention to the man behind the curtain.

Whose parade will it rain on?(11/01/99)
Rain is forecast in Philadelphia tomorrow, Election Day.

Visits black churches to energize the turnout (11/01/99)
It's a long race, but in the end, the candidate comes home. And if home is anywhere for an African-American Democrat in a Philadelphia mayor's race, it's in the black churches that were the heart of Wilson Goode's crusade for office in 1983.

Katz stumps in Northeast (11/01/99)
Sam Katz allowed an omelet to interrupt an otherwise-busy day, punctuated plenty with the phrase: "Hi, I'm Sam Katz. I'm running for mayor."

Prez backs Street (10/30/99)
President Clinton, at a boisterous pep rally for fellow Democrat John Street on the La Salle University campus, suggested that the veteran former City Council president, after working so closely with popular Mayor Rendell, shouldn't be having such a tough time against Republican Sam Katz.

Council makes a show of unity for Street - at Brady's request (10/29/99)
Billed as a unity event showing Democratic support for the Nov. 2 ticket from top to bottom, the morning pep rally yesterday in Council's elegant caucus room struck a discordant note because of who didn't show up and because of the lackluster support Street got.

White cloud (10/29/99)
If Dems rally voters, it might boost Katz

Sweetness and light (10/29/99)
No debate that they're both worthy opponents

We have to think BIG (10/28/99)
Next mayor should lure major companies to city

Businessmen impressed by both hopefuls (10/28/99)
For more than an hour, the two candidates flailed at each other in a game of one-upmanship sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and the Daily News

Street loses his cool at Rethinking forum (10/28/99)
John Street has kept cool for most of the grueling mayoral race, but his temperature rose a few degrees yesterday during a discussion about City Council at the Rethinking Philadelphia breakfast forum.

Heating up (10/28/99)
Street boils at Katz barbs on City Council relations

Undecideds are the key (10/27/99)
Six days before the mayoral election, Philadelphians remain evenly divided over who their next mayor should be. But one thing is certain: Many more women than men will decide the issue.

Some questions and answers about undecided voters in the last week of the race. QUESTION. How many voters are undecided?

Street passes test (10/27/99)
If you've been following the mayoral campaign in the papers you know that this election is about John Street. Yes, it is also about Sam Katz, but it's about Katz mainly as a possible alternative to John Street.

Street campaign targets lobbyist for 150G (10/27/99)
John Street's mayoral campaign targeted one of the city's top lobbyists for $150,000 in campaign donations, citing the lobbyist's long list of clients in an internal fund-raising document.

Similarities make decision tough (10/27/99)
I went to see the candidates debate at St. Joseph's University yesterday. It didn't help.

The good news and bad news are all in the undecided vote (10/27/99)
A dead-heat poll serves up the bitter and the sweet in near-equal doses.

Our picks in Council districts (10/27/99)
Philadelphia City Council consists of 17 members. Separately, the members have power in varying degrees, but together the Council can be a potent political force. While all the attention has gone to the mayoral election, the Council races matter greatly.

Street misses tourism boat (10/26/99)
The Rendell years have been dreamlike for people in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Street still wants 1,000 drug cops (10/26/99)
For a couple of years now, John Street has been pushing the idea that the city needs 1,000 undercover narcotics agents on the city streets.

Why I hate polls (10/26/99)
For almost 30 years, Sam Katz and I have been great friends, even when we were on opposing sides of an issue. We had feisty public-policy disputes when his friend Bill Green ran against my friend John Heinz for the U.S. Senate and argued when working for competing business groups here in the city.

Candidates seeking a poll vault from field operations (10/25/99)
With eight days to go, the Philadelphia mayoral race is becoming less a matter of who's best, and more a matter of who votes.

A fight to the finish (10/25/99)
As the most expensive mayor's race in Philadelphia history enters its final week, Democrat John Street has hit a theme he likes and Republican Sam Katz hopes to build on the momentum of a powerful endorsement.

Clout - Campaign Countdown (10/25/99)
One guy gets an "A" for packaging a campaign idea. And the other gets a chance to showcase a big endorsement.

Carpenter rally is hot for Street (10/23/99)
Yesterday was the time for all good carpenters to come to the aid of their party.

Most expensive mayor's race tops $23M (10/23/99)
The most expensive mayor's race in U. S. history is getting pricier by the minute, already at $23 million and still soaring.

Dem Rendell in trenches (10/22/99)
A few months back, you'd hear political gossip that, deep down, Mayor Rendell really wanted Sam Katz to succeed him in office. Rendell would go through the motions of supporting City Council President John Street, the buzz went, but he secretly welcomed a Katz victory. Nobody says that anymore.

Vouchers split the candidates (10/22/99)
School vouchers - its No. 1 legislative priority - emerges as the clearest point of difference for mayoral candidates in the new Archdiocese of Philadelphia voters guide.

Street and Katz poll neck & neck (10/22/99)
Just 11 days before Philadelphians pick the first mayor of the 21st century, the horse race between Democrat John Street and Republican Sam Katz is still neck-and-neck.

Katz's plan a mix of new & old ideas (10/21/99)
With a striking lack of fanfare on Tuesday, Republican mayoral candidate Sam Katz released his plan for economic development. Here's a thumbnail review:

Analysts: Web won't likely have big effect on election (10/21/99)
At the start of Philadelphia's mayor's race, the biggest waves were made on the Internet - thanks to a dirty-tricks scandal that damaged one Democrat's campaign.

Gay groups back Katz (10/21/99)
A coalition of gay and lesbian groups, led by the Pride of Philadelphia Election Committee, has endorsed Republican Sam Katz for mayor.

Democrats remind own to keep faith (10/20/99)
On your TV screen, some big-name Democrats are saying some very good things about John Street. But in your mailbox, their party is saying some very bad things about Sam Katz.

The excitement never begins (10/20/99)
As the Nerd of the Century mayor's race enters its final two weeks and policy wonks Sam Katz and John Street engage in perhaps their 100th electrifying debate on whether the city wage tax should be reduced to 4 percent or 4.46 percent, a city sleeps.

Katz gets bigger hand (10/20/99)
Speaking on his home court, to a friendly audience at a Chestnut Hill church, Republican mayoral candidate Sam Katz said last night that he's the candidate of change while his opponent represents the status quo

An issue emerges (10/20/99)
Section 8 housing a hot-button topic that had seemed almost taboo


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